Michael Thomas

Web Developer
Kent, UK

What I do

I am a full stack developer, who has been building web applications and sites for over two decades. During my career I have built both complex web applications, and simple portfolio sites, but these days I work mostly on bespoke applications. I love working on both front and back end - each with their own particular challenges.

I'm currently employed full time as Lead Developer at WordSeed, where I am responsible for building and maintaining the applications advertisers and publishers use to manage their campaigns, as well as for the algorithm that surfaces contextually relevant ads.

Whilst I currently work mostly with Laravel, Vanilla JS and SCSS, previous roles have given me a lot of expertise in other areas such as Magento, CFML, MySQL and MS SQL Server.

Who I am

I grew up in Germany where I obtained a Masters in Nanostructure and Molecular Science. After graduating I moved to the UK. Originally this was meant to be for six months - yet over a decade later I'm still here.

My wife Sandra is the incredibly talented owner of My Little Chalet and together we have two kids.

We speak a mix of Arabic, English and German at home.

I'm a committed Christian, who believes that Jesus died on the cross in order to pay the price for my redemption, and am looking forward to his return.