Michael Thomas

Web Developer
Kent, UK
michael [@]

What I do

I am a full stack developer, who has been building web applications and sites for over two decades. During my career I have built both complex web applications, and simple portfolio sites, but these days I work mostly on bespoke applications. I love working on both front and back end, and even on configuring servers, domains, and email - each with their own particular challenges.

Whilst I currently work mostly with Laravel, Vanilla JS and SCSS, previous roles have given me a lot of expertise in other areas such as Magento, CFML, MySQL and MS SQL Server.

If you do want to work together on some web project using any of the above technologies, feel free to get in touch.

Who I am

I grew up in Germany where I obtained a Masters in Nanostructure and Molecular Science. After graduating I moved to the UK. Originally this was meant to be for six months - yet over a decade later I'm still here.

My wife Sandra is the incredibly talented owner of My Little Chalet and together we have two kids.

We speak a mix of Arabic, English and German at home.

I'm a committed Christian, who believes that Jesus died on the cross in order to pay the price for my redemption, and am looking forward to his return.